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Thailand DMC - Dong DMC is a Destination Management company in Thailand specializing in Special Interest Groups Tours & Activities operator, as well as Corporate Travel Management.

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Dong DMC is a Destination Management company in Thailand specializing in Special Interest Groups Tours & Activities operator, as well as Corporate Travel Management. We are the choice partner of a number of leading major Thailand DMC based in Thailand and internationally. We deliver unparalleled DMC service while at the same time at same destinations; unlock the economic value of such services.

Dong DMC is a leading Thailand DMC providing best in class DMC services to associations, corporations and agencies at 100+ locations throughout Worldwide.  Our strength in Thailand is experience travel, and excursions fueled by adrenaline are a portion of our most-asked for trips. Finding the privilege DMC will enable you to produce your business effectively. As your partner, we will help you realize your imagination and provide professional consultancy on creative activities

Dong DMC - Thailand DMC, Bangkok's leading DMC conference planner (organizer) and events specialist for incentive travel and conventions. A preferred destination management company and supplier used by international conference organisers worldwide.

Our experience helped us with developing strong relationships with key trade partners and authorities for the benefit of our clients. We provide added value through our ability to negotiate competitive rates and the best contract terms available, as well as exclusive access to otherwise inaccessible venues for spectacular events. We combine these benefits with a creative touch, for an exclusively unforgettable experience and the ultimate wow factor.

We are structured to provide maximum flexibility for serving different needs with marketing offices in the USA, the UK, Australia/New Zealand and France to handle all types of client inquiries.

We are aware that one size does not fit all and will work with you to design a perfect travel solution for your Thailand DMC needs.

Destinations we can help you with:

Thailand is a country in south east Asia, bordering Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Its capital and most populated city is Bangkok, which is the centre of Thailand’s economic and political activities.

Thailand is famous for its food and massages, and is often called the Land of smiles. It is the country in south east Asia that’s most visited by tourists.

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Thailand has many Buddhist temples, rice paddies, tropical forests, exotic wildlife, beautiful villages, and marvellous islands.

Worth a visit are Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Siam, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai, Kamphaeng Phet, Phimai, Phanom Rung, Chiang Mai, Wat Doi Suthep, Kanchanaburi, Khao Yai National Park, Khao Sok National Park, the Heo Suwat Waterfall, the Erawan Falls, the Thee Lor Sue Waterfall, the Pa La-u Falls, and the limestone formations of the Phang Nga Bay.

Phuket is an island located on the west coast of Thailand, which used to be one of the major trading routes between India and China. being a very popular tourism destination, it is Thailand’s wealthiest province.

In Phuket, there are a lot of things to do, and a destination management company can help you planning your trip. First, discover the Phi Phi Islands. It is a group of six islands, but two are well-known: Phi Phi Don, the largest one, which is inhabited and has beautiful shores, and Phi Phi Leh, which has stunning bay and beaches, and above all the Maya Bay, where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. These islands are not far from Phuket, but you still need to take a boat to go there. On the Nakkerd Hills, there is the Big Buddha. It is 45 meters high, you can’t miss it. Once you get on the top of the hills, you can have a beautiful view of the island, and you will notice that the place is rather quiet. The Buddha is made of white marble. Beaches are also to be explored in Phuket. If you don’t know which transport you need to go to one place to another, especially for the beaches which are sometimes hard to have access to, a DMC will do its maximum to make it more comfortable for you. There are a lot of beaches, like Kata Beach, which is well-known for its white sand and clean water and is ideal for families. There, you’ll find lot of places where you can eat for all prices. You can have cheap, street food or more expensive food in restaurants. Freedom Beach is hard of access, but worth it. It has 300 meters strip of white sand and a granite bay, surrounded by hills and finally it is surrounded by hills covered of thick jungle. You’ll appreciate the place and the landscape for sure! If you want to explore more, there are other regions to discover making Thailand's incentive and meeting possibilities endless.

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You also may want to attend the Phuket Fanta sea show. It is the island’s biggest show, which has also the biggest buffet in Asia, and is set in a theme park. You’ll find the Palace of elephant, lot of activities and many shopping opportunities, as there is a village where you can find almost everything. The show is spectacular, original and extravagant, you’ll have a lot of fun for sure.

Moreover, you can visit several temples, since there are 29 Buddhist temples in Phuket. Wat Chalong for instance is well known and welcomes many people since many years. Locals come to pray, whereas tourists come to learn some Buddhist culture. Poh Tan Jao is one of the most famous Buddhist statues, and can be found in the Wat Chalong temple.

If you want to have a view of the island, Phuket has a lot of viewpoint from where you’ll see breath-taking landscapes and nature. For instance, you can go to the Black Rock viewpoint, which is challenging; you’ll have to hike up into a rainforest above Ao Sane to reach the viewpoint, but it is worth the effort.

If you want to get close to a tiger, the Tiger Kingdom is the right place to go. There, they take care of tigers from the moment they are given birth to, to their death. You can watch them getting fed, or simply during their days.

Finally, in the trick eye museum, you’ll find 3D paintings to complete your stay in Phuket and have fun while visiting a museum. You’ll find dangerous, funny and exciting unreal situation. You’ll have plenty of memories in your camera and a lot of fun while visiting this museum! If you need any more information, our Thailand DMC would be pleased to help you with the details!

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and its largest and most populous city. It is Thailand’s spiritual, political, cultural, commercial, diplomatic and educational centre.

Bangkok is well known for its saffron-robed monks, its lovely Thai architecture, its spicy dishes, its colourful markets, its vibrant street life, its red-light districts and its tropical climate. As one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities, it has many beautiful temples and palaces, authentic canals, nice markets and a great nightlife.

You want to go to Bangkok and do not know where to go and what to visit? Our DMC Thailand can help you with these details. Visiting the Grand Palace when going to Bangkok is a must. It is the most famous attraction and you can not fly back home without having explored the Palace. At one time, it was the king’s home and the place where the governor carried out their business. Visiting the Palace can be fast as it can take a lot of time since it is huge.

If you want to visit and have a fast transport, take the sky train. It is fast, takes the direct road and rides above the traffic, so you can have a look at the city as you are going where you want to. Moreover, it keeps you cool since there is air conditioners!


There is also the Bangkok National Museum. Kind Rama V opened this museum for the first time, because he wanted to show off all the gifts his dad gave to him. Now it has become a museum, and you can find a lot of things. If you are interested in visiting other museums, a destination management company can advise you with the best ones to see in the region. After visiting the museum, you can go for a drink on the top of the city; the Vertigo and Moon bar probably has the best Bangkok’s view of the city. It sits on the 61stfloor of the Banyan Tree Hotel and as you come on the top of the hotel, you will be straight outside, so if you fear the heights, you probably would better go somewhere else. The rooftop is a 360 degree, so that you can have the best view of Bangkok.

In Bangkok, there are also some parks, such as the Lumphini Park: there, you can do sport, but there are also a lot of activities for all ages. There is music, sport, and free entertainment, but you can also just go there to read a book and enjoy a moment alone in a beautiful park. Discover other regions which make Thailand's meeting and incentives possibilities endless.

You also can find typical Thailand food and transports, such as the TukTuk, which goes faster than the taxis. It is a three wheels taxi, the driver is cycling, and you’ll have a lot un fun during the ride with your friends! You can find street food everywhere, so don’t hesitate to try a lot of them! So, don’t wait any longer and contact our DMC in Thailand for more information and advices!

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is the largest city of northern Thailand and is located on a plain, surrounded by mountains and countryside. Being a Unesco Creative City, it has more than 30 temples dating back to its founding.

If you want to go to Chiang Mai, you can plan your trip without any worries with our Thailand DMC. You’ll discover a lot of temples in Chiang Mai, as there are many of them in Thailand. However, the most important one, the Doi Suthep, is situated in Chiang Mai. You can see 7 headed-serpents statues lignin the stairs leading to the temple, and you will be impressed by the beauty of the temple and enjoy visiting it! What’s more, Chiang Mai is an area where you can find a lot of waterfalls, rainforests, and beautiful landscapes which are breath-taking. A destination management company will advise you where you can find the most beautiful places in Chiang Mai, according to what you like and want to do. Plus, there are a lot of animals there, that you can’t see in other countries, the weather is better than in the capital and the ecosystem is rich. Within a few minutes, you can go and enjoy the nature in the ancient city and explore new lands. Learn about other regions that make Thailand's incentive and meeting possibilities endless. The life in Chiang Mai is not expensive, even though Thailand in itself can be expensive, due to the number of tourists coming during the year. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer going there, and the trip is not less amazing than going to the capital or more famous (and expensive) cities. There, you can go on an adventure, since Chiang Mai is home to the longest zip line in Asia and you can do rafting, kayaking, biking, and much more adventurous things in this city. You can plan your excursions with a DMC, which will be pleased to help you.

Finally, Chiang Mai is constantly evolving, since it has been founded, but what is more impressive is that it did not change much. It keeps its old traditions, and the atmosphere there is very friendly.

Why Thailand?

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Amazing Thailand’ really is amazing!

In this tropical Asian Kingdom you will find everything you need to entertain and delight and the unique diversity offers a multitude of options when it comes to selecting the perfect location and venue.

From the bustling metropolis of Bangkok to the northern hills of Chiang Mai and down to the pristine beaches of the Andaman Sea, Thailand’s renowned hospitality welcomes you wherever you go.
With cheap and efficient domestic travel by land, sea or air you can also take advantage of multi-centre venues to reward participants either before or after the main incentive event. So when you think of Thailand, imagine the possibilities for your event to visit more than one city
Thailand’s tropical climate also opens up an array of opportunities for outdoor and off-site venues to complement your occasion. The plethora of venues around the country can also allow your delegates to immerse themselves in the legendary customs and culture of Thailand, adding another exciting component to their stay.
From the latest in state-of-the-art facilities in conference and exhibition halls to wonderful theme parks, riverside, countryside and beach side locations, Thailand really does have it all. Thailand personifies Asia’s attitude to service and this is no more apparent than in the Kingdom’s luxurious range of hotels. Right across the country, hotel accommodation can be found to suit every budget and size of group with professional management and staff available to meet your every request.

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