Top Things To Do in the Miraculous Night

Hoi An travel in full moon brings you the different feeling about this Old Town. It is no longer the sleepy destination but the lively and colorful venue lighten up by the well-lit lanterns almost everywhere. While Hoi An Old Town itself is so charming that tourists want to visit again, the scenery in the full moon is so special that some people are willing to schedule to arrive on time and others hope that they will never miss that miraculous night.

Hoi An in the Full Moon – How different it is!

Hoi An Town in Vietnam with the sparkling lanterns has long been the familiar images at night that every visitor know. But more interestingly, during the full moon, the evening spectacle in this city becomes more colorful and dynamic than the normal days. It makes the trip special and unforgettable with the long-lasting impression on a large number of lanterns in the local houses, shops, etc., and even on the river.


Float the lanterns and garlands on the river
On the 14th – 15th of every lunar month, people can get immersed in the mythical atmosphere in which the whole town is illuminated by the colorful lanterns, instead of the electric lights. That said, Hoi An residents are happy to turn off the lights and use the lanterns to light up their houses as well as shops. And on the romantic Hoai River, groups of the garlands of various colors and sizes are floating. They carry the best wishes of many individuals and create the miraculous spectacle. Not only locals but also travelers buy the lanterns and garlands to float them on the river. And, before you float it, REMEMBER to pray for something!

Take a boat trip to cherish Hoi An Old Town in the moonlight

A boat trip on the Hoai River, especially in the full moon night, will become an exciting thing to do in Hoi An. While the floating sparkling lanterns and garlands will strike your eyes, the occasional cool wind will help you achieve a state of comfort and relaxation. At that time, you feel nothing but glad and relaxing. The Old Town in the moonlight is twinkling thanks to thousands of the well-lit lanterns and garlands.

And if you look above, the fully-brightened moon is an awesome object to take pictures. In almost every angle you boat, the moon is still full, marvelous, sacred, and powerful in the sky. What’s more, the moon reflection on the river makes your boat trip cozy, exciting, and unforgettable. You’re likely to meet many other travelers alike who are floating the colored garlands and pray for the best.

Walk in Hoi An Old Town lighten up by no electric light
The electric lights can be “retired” during the full moon night in Hoi An because people enjoy lighting their houses and shops by the colored lanterns. The full moon showers the Old Town with the mythical moonlight combined with the candlelight of the lantern that opens up the awesome atmosphere to unwind. When the electric lights are turned off and replaced by the sparkling lanterns, you feel that the locals have endless love for the symbolic products. In the full moon night, people seem to cherish every minute past, so they walk in a slow pace and speak in a low voice. No one wants to mess the peacefully sparkling atmosphere.

Take photographs of the Hoi An Lanterns
It is a must to take photos of the Hoi An lanterns whether or not it is the full moon. But more beautiful than ever, the lanterns in the full moon come to present their best beauty and power that result in the “millions-of-like” photos on Facebook and Instagram. The romantic and fanciful background helps your photos more shining and attractive. In that night, head toward the Japanese Bridge, Hoi An Market, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Tan Ky Old House, and Phung Hung Old House to view how magical the sun is over these ancient spectacles. Raise your camera up and take the fantastic shots. Numerous “so-deep” photos will be created within a night.

Contemplate the full moon while eating delicious Hoi An Food
Up above the world so high is the full moon that can mesmerize every audience. In the antique UNESCO town in which the ground is illuminated by thousands of the lanterns, the joy of watching the full moon becomes greatly enjoyable and rewarding. As you might know, the full moon is perfect for binocular and telescope viewing, but if you don’t come with these gadgets, it is still amazing to contemplate the mythical sight. Meanwhile, enjoy Hoi An food namely Cao Lau (dark pork broth and yellow noodles), Xi Ma (black sesame sweet pudding), Quang noodle, chicken rice, white rose appetizer, pancake with eggs, steamed rice cakes, etc.

Just catch the right phase to cherish the “fully-illuminated disc” when the earth lies between the sun and the moon. Know that Hoi An offers the most mesmerizing full moon night that only a few places in the world can compete. When other cities have the skyscrapers and commercial centers brightened up by the artificial light that hides the moon, this Old Town is different. In Hoi An, the moon is visible as the fully-illuminated disc during the 14th-15th day every lunar month. As a result, it makes the Town more beautiful, more sparkling, and more romantic. Anybody that has ever been immersed in the Hoi An full moon travel will never forget the experience.

The full moon is the best time to visit Hoi An for a journey of distinction, peace, and beauty. Though there will be many other travelers who love the Old Town and gather, the atmosphere remains hassle-free and tranquil as none wants to interrupt the serene and sparkling spectacle. While a group is floating the colorfully well-lit garlands, another group is enjoying a boat trip, the rest is getting the on-foot exploration of the Old Houses and taking photos. And, some romantic souls are contemplating the fully-illuminated moon and eating the street food. It’s your turn!

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