1.            Dong Thi Co. LTD is a full fledged Travel Agent registered in Vietnam. We do not supply, own or control the actual services which are to be sold. We act as a Principal for the services sold.

2.            The www.dongdmc.com is a booking engine operated by Dong Thi Co. LTD. This reservation system is accessible only to bona fide Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Wholesale Travel Agents and Airlines (hereinafter known as “ The Agent”) providing ground services to their customers. Agents / Airlines must register with Dong Thi Co. LTD to obtain a login ID, password and company code to access the reservation system.

3.            The Agent will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the activities of all their users as The Agent will be responsible for all bookings, payments before due dates and cancellation penalties incurred by all users.

4.            All rates are quoted in U.S. Dollars (USD) based on prevailing exchange rate. (If other currency provided )Rates in USD are subject to change in the event of fluctuations in the exchange rate.

5.            The rates are quoted per room inclusive of prevailing service charges and government taxes. Rates may be amended in the event of unavoidable circumstances and such amendments will affect both new and existing bookings. At some hotels, there is a surcharge on room rates and compulsory meals during the high / peak period all of which are mentioned in the Tariff.

6.            The room rates are quoted for Single Occupancy (Sgl), Twin Occupancy (Twn) and Extra Bed for Adults and Child (03-12 yrs). Most hotels allow 2 Adults and 2 Children under 12 years in the same room at no additional charge using existing bedding. Should extra bed be required, it is chargeable and each room can accommodate 1 extra bed only

7.            Requests for Double Bed (King Bed), rooms on higher floor, connecting / adjacent rooms or rooms on same floor are subject to availability and not guaranteed by the hotels.

8.            Official check-in time at hotels is after 14:00 hrs and official check-out time is 12:00 hrs and during peak period check-in time at popular hotels can be further delayed till 16:00 hrs. We recommend to pre-book rooms one night in advance for guaranteed early check-in especially for early morning arrivals.

9.            Reservation requests must contain all the information including Flight / Arrival Details. The total number of passengers along with the ages of Children must be provided.

10.          We shall not be liable for and shall be indemnified by you in respect of any loss or third party claims (including any cancellation fees) suffered as a result of any incorrect or incomplete details in your reservation request.

11.          A confirmation will be sent by Dong Thi Co. LTD to the Agent, confirming the services reserved, the net amount payable and a date by which the Booking is to be accepted and reconfirmed (Time Limit).

12.          In order to accept and reconfirm a reservation, the following procedures are to be adhered to :

Agents without Credit Facilities should fax us a copy of their Voucher along with a copy of the bank advice showing that the amount of money has been sent to us by telegraphic transfer before the expiry of the time limit to guarantee their reservation. All reservations will be released if we do not receive the above before the expiry of the deadline.

Agents that enjoy Credit Facilities with Dong Thi Co. LTD must fax a copy of their voucher before the expiry of the time limit to guarantee the reservation.

Payment terms as per the credit policy should be strictly adhered to and Dong Thi Co. LTD reserves the right to release the bookings if credit terms are not followed.

Please note that bookings will be automatically released if we do not receive the above. Dong Thi Co. LTD may not follow up or send reminders for reconfirmations.

13.          Voucher issued by the Agent must mention "Booked and paid through Dong Thi Co. LTD"

1.            To obtain Credit Facility, we require a cash deposit (“Floating Deposit”) or a Bank Guarantee (issued by an internationally recognized bank) to be given to Dong Thi Co. LTD. A credit facility of 14 (fourteen) days for the value of the deposit or bank guarantee will be established.

2.            If credit limit is exceeded or payments are not made as per the agreement, the online booking facility will be automatically suspended. In order to re-activate the account, payment has to be made or our finance department should be contacted.

3.            Only Agents with credit facilities will be allowed to make bookings within cancellation deadline on guaranteed basis.

1.            Agents without credit facilities will only be able to make bookings on request basis and outside Cancellation Deadline.

2.            Bookings will be processed and confirmed together with an invoice and deadline for payment. Payment must be made by bank transfer or Western Union and The Agent must furnish us with proof of payment before the due date.

3.            If payment is not received by the deadline given, the respective hotel booking will be automatically cancelled without penalty.

1.            Cancellation charges vary from hotel to hotel and period. Cancellation charges will be imposed based on the hotels policy and the period for which the booking is made.

2.            For Travel Agents with credit facility, we will provide a cancellation deadline for the particular hotel the Travel Agent has purchased from us. Cancellation charges as imposed by the hotel will apply for any cancellations after the deadline. When a Travel Agent makes a booking within the cancellation deadline, the payment for the booking is immediately guaranteed by the Travel Agent and cancellation charges will apply should they decide to cancel later on.


1.            Hotels impose a minimum one night room charge during off peak period and full cancellation charge for the whole duration of the stay during peak period.

2.            Hotels impose a minimum one night room charge for shortened stay in addition to the actual number of nights occupied during the off peak period and impose full cancellation charges for number of nights not utilized during peak period.

1.            Any complaint pertaining to hotel or service must be brought to the attention of the hotel or service provider immediately for rectification to be done. However, if the matter is not resolved to customers satisfaction, Dong Thi Co. LTD must be notified in writing within 15 days from the date of service. Any complaint received after the 15 days period will not be investigated.

2.            Refund requests for unused services will only be actioned by us if received in writing within 30 days from the date of last service provided.

3.            Refund requests for curtailed stays cannot be processed unless we are provided with documentary evidence from hotel that the guest checked out early and the hotel has agreed to refund unused nights by the guest.

4.            All Refund requests are subject to obtaining a refund approval from our suppliers and no refunds can be given without this approval. The Supplier reserves the right to process and whether or not to approve the refund and wherever applicable to charge an administrative fee.