Water Puppet Show Ticket in Saigon

Duration: 50 mins
Destinations: Vietnam Tour
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The water puppet is recognized to be the unique show owned by Vietnam. It is originated from the Red River Delta culture and thrives to be a national cultural heritage. The water surface is the stage and wooden puppets are manipulated by puppeteers behind a screen accompanied by live folk music.


Program: Cultural Heritage Water Puppet Show Ticket in Ho Chi Minh City


Enjoy traditional Vietnamese performing arts at Rong Vang open-air amphitheater, located in Rex Hotel and enjoy its convenience in the famous 5-star hotel.

Originating in the sodden rice paddies of the Red River Delta in North Vietnam, the Water Puppet Show has risen to be a national cultural heritage, combining forms of Vietnam's most famous age-old art: hát bội (Vietnam Southern singing), chèo (Vietnam Northern opera).

Its story depicts the culture, traditions, and folklore of never-seen-before Vietnamese countryside life, in which visitors are entertained by puppets acting on a water stage and skilled puppeteers, who stand behind the bamboo curtain and control wooden puppets by a large bamboo rod.

Though the show narrator is in Vietnamese, you acan easily understand the storyline thanks to puppet gestures, movements. The marvelous sound effects and change of scene will also keep you enthralled. The musicians often stay in one side of the stage and bring the performance to live by a wide range of instrumentation includes vocals, drums, wooden bells, cymbals, horns, Đàn bầu (monochord), gongs, and bamboo flutes.

Along with the vibrant, colorful, humorous performance of the Water Puppet Show, your eyes and ears will also be served with a variety of Vietnamese traditional art genres:

  • Watch the show in Sen Vang Amphitheater in the 5-star Rex hotel in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Glimpse into this old-established Vietnamese art form which has won countless awards across the world
  • Watch puppeteers maneuvering their dolls across the water surface and depict the culture, traditions and folklore of Vietnamese life
  • Be entertained by the traditional folk music played by authentic instruments
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