Vietnam Beaches: A List of the Best Beaches You Can't Miss

Vietnam Beaches: A List of the Best Beaches You Can't Miss

Vietnam as a beach destination has been a relatively recent development, but it sure has taken off incredibly quickly. External perceptions of the once strictly communist country – which has now adopted a more capitalist approach to its economy – meant that only intrepid backpackers were able to see the beauty of Vietnam’s coast. Nowadays, tourists from all over the world visit Vietnam for its beaches – not only from the Western world, but Russia too, and more recently China. Domestic tourism has also helped a boom in the coastal cities of Nha Trang and Da Nang.

My Khe Beach, Da Nang

Often cited as Vietnam’s most picturesque beach is this fabulous stretch of sand-and-sea that is My Khe Beach. It’s located in Da Nang – Vietnam’s fourth-largest city and a firm favorite with domestic tourists due to attractions like Dragon Bridge (shaped like a dragon and lights up at night) and the general vibe of a modern city. Arguably, what transformed the fortunes of Da Nang was the beach of My Khe, named China Beach by American soldiers who arrived here for R&R during the Vietnam War. You can see why this spot was chosen; the wide, 20-mile-long white-sand beach is so vast and pretty that it’s impossible to not feel impressed at the sight of it. Today, there are a lot of high-end resorts in the area, and in September, the surf is perfect for those looking to ride some waves.


Ninh Van Bay Beach

Mainly occupied by locals, Ninh Van Bay beach is the dream destination for those who wish to experience the authentic lifestyle of a Vietnamese fishing village while admiring the precious gift of nature in Southern Vietnam. Situated just two hours away from the city of Nha Trang, Ninh Van Bay is one of the few beautiful beaches that can provide the utmost relaxing and sensual atmosphere to its visitors.

As the area is not yet crowded with hotels and resorts, it one of the more secluded environments that are quite fitting for honeymoons or couple trips, although many families also choose this as one of their must-go beaches. While it usually rains the least in February and March, if your top priority is to get the most sunlight, you should definitely plan your trip for some time in April - May.

Among many fun activities in Ninh Van Bay, some of the top highlights are snorkelling and kayaking. Over there, you will love and appreciate the sea water as it allows you to clearly admire coral reefs as well as fascinating marine animals.

Ky Co Beach

Situated on the peninsula that hems in the Thi Nai Marsh opposite the coastal city of Qui Nhon, the beach of Ky Co is very far from the atmosphere and amenities of any city beach that Nha Trang can offer. Instead, this secluded slice of paradise lies slightly south of a 5-star, luxury resort development, and comes as a welcome change once you’ve passed all the newly constructed buildings. The feeling here is much more like that of a beach you might discover on a must-visit tropical island; the sand is soft, the water is clear and pure azure blue, and there are even a number of large rocks protruding from the water – making it seem like a mini Ha Long Bay. This is the ideal place to kick back with a mid-road-trip picnic. It’s even possible to camp here, given its out-of-the-way location.


Lang Co Beach - Hue

Lang Co is one of the more quiet beaches hosted by warm-hearted locals and filled with delicious seafood. For those reasons, it attracts various groups of visitors every year. As the temperature can go below 20 degree Celsius (68 Fahrenheit) at the beginning of the year, the best time to visit Lang Co is from March to June for those who enjoy the traditional beach experience.

As the Lang Co beach is situated midway between Da Nang and Hue, visitors generally prefer to stop by for one day for some stunning pictures and alone time on the beach. If you are already drawn to the beauty of Lang Co beach, you should definitely squeeze it in your complete-Vietnam travel plan for a refreshing experience.

 Doc Let Beach - Nha Trang

ocated less than two hours away (by car) from Cam Ranh International Airport. Upon arriving, you will be able to contemplate the cyan water nibbling the sandy shore and immerse in the mesmerizing charm of Doc Let beach.. To enjoy the most beautiful weather, make sure to plan your trip to Doc Let for some time between March and May.

While in Doc Let, burn some calories by joining various beach sports spanning volleyball, soccer/football, badminton, or experience other adventurous activities, such as parasailing or hydro biking. For food lovers, make sure you stop by local lobster farms and stroll through local seafood markets for some mouthwatering goodies.

Con Dao Islands

Part of the Khmer Empire until Vietnamese settlers arrived in the 17th Century, the Con Dao Islands off the southeastern coast are known for their isolation as much as their dramatic beauty. During French colonial rule in Vietnam, political prisoners were sent here, and during the Vietnam War, captured Viet Cong would be held here. But today, this isolation puts this archipelago of 16 islands in good stead to be a fantastic beach destination. Many of the islands were given protected status in 1984 when they were collated into the Con Dao National Park – as you’d expect, it’s a haven for wildlife, including dugong, dolphins and sea turtles. There are several hotels on the main island of Con Son, as well as scenic beaches such as An Hai – large enough to find a slice all to yourself. There’s also some impressive hiking to be had on Con Son.


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