Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan - Top Luxury in Vietnam

Introduction Amanoi Resort


Address: Vinh Hy Village, Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Thuan Province, Viet Nam

Total villa: 36

First open: 2013

Managed:  Aman

Category: Luxury


Claiming a spectacular stretch of Vietnam’s coastline within the verdant embrace of Nui Chua National Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Amanoi is a natural paradise overlooking Vinh Hy Bay. From its remote location - a rich and diverse mosaic of ecosystems – the resort’s clifftop restaurants and pool, lakeside Aman Spa and private golden sand beach, offer limitless opportunities for outdoor exploration, cultural immersion and serene time out.


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Villas in Amanoi


Amanoi Palivions & villa

  1. Amanoi ocean pool villa

amanoi ocean pool villa overview


amanoi sea view

  1. Ocean pool villa

ocean pool villa


  1. Ocean pool family villa

amanoi ocean pool family villa


  1. Moutain pool villa

amanoi moutain pool villa


  1. Ocean Palivion

amanoi ocean palivion


  1. Moutain Palivion

amanoi moutain palivion


  1. Lake Palivion

amanoi lake palivion


Amanoi Residences

  1. Five-bedroom Bay Pool Residence

amanoi five-bedroom bay pool


  1. Five-bedroom Pool Residence

amanoi ive-bedroom pool


  1. Four-bedroom Pool Residence

amanoi four-bedroom


  1. Four-bedroom Ocean Pool Family Residence

amanoi four-bedroom family


  1. Three-bedroom Ocean Pool Family Residence

amanoi three-bedroom family


  1. Three-bedroom Pool Residence

amanoi three-bedroom


  1. Two-bedroom Ocean Pool Residence

amanoi two-bedroom


  1. Two-bedroom Ocean Pool Family Residence

amanoi two-bedroom family


  1. One-bedroom Ocean Pool Residence

amanoi one-bedroom


Amanoi Wellness Villas

  1. Forest Wellness Pool Villa

amanoi forest wellness


  1. Lake Wellness Pool Villa

amanoi lake wellness


Featured dining experience

Dinner at Ong Bay’s

For insight into Vietnamese life, join a local family fpr dinner at their home in neighbouring Vinh Hy. Ong Bay and her family will share stories of village life while Amanoi chefs serve an authentic family-style feast.


amanoi ong bay's


Cliff Pool Dinner

As darkness falls and stars spill across the evening sky and the velvet water beside you, the Cliff Pool becomes an impossibly romantic setting for an unforgettable BBQ or Vietnamese private dining experience.


amanoi cliff


Suoi Sau beach picnic

Kayak to secret cove not far from Amanoi’s beach and snorkel its pristine feefs through myriad tropical fish. then relax on soft golden sand with the jungle at your back, and tuck into a delicious picnic


amanoi Suoi Sau


Wellness Immersions

Weight Management & Transformation

For those hoping to achieve permanent healthy weight, this Immersion draws on the principles of traditional Eastern philosophy to boost metabolism, improve digestion and maximise health.


amanoi yoga


Detox & Cleansing

For those seeking to rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind and promote a long and healthy life, this Immersion is designed to gently stimulate the body’s natural cleansing and regenerative processes.


amanoi spa


Mindfulness & Stress Management

For those hoping to achieve lasting inner calm, this Immersion combines meditation practices and mindful movement to inspire renewed internal focus and a heightened sense of spiritual connection.


amanoi meditate


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