Moc Chau - Asia's leading natural destination 2022

Introduction Moc Chau - Asia's leading natural destination 2022

On the afternoon of August 30, in Ho Chi Minh City, a press conference to announce the 2022 World Travel Awards - Asia and Oceania region took place.

From 2017 up to now, Vietnam has been honored to receive many prestigious awards of the World Travel Awards such as: World's Leading Heritage Destination, World's Best Golf Destination, Asia's Leading Destination, Best Golf Destination Asia's leading culture, Asia's leading culinary destination... In 2022, Moc Chau won Asia's TOP NATURE award in 2022.

Moc Chau tea field (Source: Internet)

Discover the idyllic beauty of Moc Chau

Moc Chau Plateau is more than 80km2 wide and is covered with endless green tea hills, less interrupted by mountains. Thanks to that, the space here is immense, attracting the eye.
No matter what season you come to this place, Moc Chau is still incredibly beautiful, ecstatic

Moc Chau (Source: Internet)

The season of white canola flowers bloom in the field

December is also the time when the white canola flower fields in Moc Chau race to bloom. The powerful cauliflower blooms in the middle of the icy weather, defying the fog, creating a fanciful Moc Chau under the hot afternoon sun. Coming to Moc Chau at this time, visitors will definitely get beautiful virtual live pictures.

White canola flower season (Source: Internet)

Cherry blossom season

Moc Chau changed to February, the weather started to warm up gradually, the temperature increased, the humidity was high, and sometimes spring rain appeared.

Traveling to Moc Chau at this time, visitors will enjoy the most complete, vivid and beautiful natural picture. The white color of the plum blossom forest, a little pink peach blossom, and the ancient color of moss create a very poetic Moc Chau.

Cherry blossom season (Source: Internet)

Bauhinia variegata season

Across the mountains and forests of the Northwest, where ban flowers grow a lot, there are Thai people living there. Ban Moc Chau this March is blooming along National Highway 6, from the beginning of Moc Chau town to the end of Chieng Hac commune, bordering Yen Chau.

Bauhinia variegata season (Source: Internet)

Ripe plum season

In this May, June is the ideal time; for you to do a trip to Moc Chau; enjoy the plums in full bloom.

Ripe plum season (Source: Internet)

Ripe rice season

Entering autumn, this is a cool time with pleasant weather, especially the terraced fields in Moc Chau have begun to ripen, so this is the most ideal time to travel to Moc Chau.

Ripe rice season (Source: Internet)

Moc Chau culinary specialties

Kitchen buffalo meat

Kitchen buffalo meat is a specialty dish often seen in the meals of the Black Thai people in Moc Chau. This meat dish is usually made from the corn of domestic buffaloes and cows grazing in the mountains and hills of the Northwest

Kitchen buffalo meat (Source: Internet)

Nam Pia

Nam pia is a typical specialty of the Moc Chau and Son La people. This delicious dish is getting more and more attention from tourists and wishes once to be brave enough because not everyone dares to enjoy it because of their special flavor and color.

Nam pia (Source: Internet)

Veal served with fermented tofu

The essence of its deliciousness is in the "hot": the veal is eaten as soon as the fat is removed from the pan completely different from when it is cooled: it is soft, sweet, and much more fragrant. The heat of the meat, adding a few pieces of old ginger mixed with sweet soy sauce makes us ecstatic.

Veal (Source: Internet)

Stream fish

Moc Chau specialties are also enriched by grilled stream fish. Grilled stream fish in Moc Chau is a favorite dish of many tourists because the fish is not fishy, although it is small, it can eat both meat and bones and the taste is attractive. After being washed, the fish is peed to remove bile and intestines, then marinated with mac Khen, wild herbs, lemongrass, chili... and clamped with bamboo sticks, grilled on charcoal for about 15 minutes to turn golden. cane can be used.

Stream fish (Source: Internet)

Five coloured sticky rice

In Moc Chau, each ethnic group has its own traditional cultural capital, creating a flower garden full of flavor. In particular, the traditional culinary culture of the Dao is clearly shown through the taste of five-color sticky rice and at the same time is a specialty of Moc Chau that you should definitely try.

Five coloured sticky rice (Source: Internet)

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