A raving success - review from Philippines

Since she has been bringing groups of tourists to Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam for many years, Mrs. Gigi of Island Paradise Tour Philippines has nothing but praise for the services offered by Dong DMC Vietnam. Mrs. Gigi has a wealth of expertise in the travel and tourism sector, so she is well aware of the qualities that create a fantastic travel agency, and Dong DMC checks all the right boxes for her.



Mrs. Gigi particularly values Dong DMC's unmatched degree of customer care as one of their many strengths. The Dong DMC crew welcomes her groups warmly and professionally from the moment they land in Hanoi and goes above and beyond to make sure the visitors have a great trip. The Dong DMC staff is always available to help, whether it be with setting up a personalized city tour or offering assistance with transportation.


The itineraries designed by Dong DMC are quite impressive. The best of Hanoi and Halong Bay, from the busy streets of the capital to the tranquil beauty of the islands in the bay, have been made available to Mrs. Gigi's parties. Through the cultural activities that Dong DMC organizes, such as a traditional cooking lesson and a trip to a local market, tourists may better comprehend the local way of life.


Mrs. Gigi commends Dong DMC's dedication to responsible and sustainable travel. Mrs. Gigi is happy to find that Dong DMC shares her commitment to environmentally friendly travel practices. Mrs. Gigi can see that Dong DMC is committed to having a beneficial impact on local communities and the environment from the eco-friendly lodgings they suggest to the responsible tourist programs they encourage.


After giving Dong DMC such a positive evaluation, Mrs. Gigi is eager to recommend more Vietnamese vacation spots to her guests, such as Danang and Phu Quoc. In these locations, she is convinced that Dong DMC will offer the same level of exceptional service and cultural immersion, and she is eager to tell her guests about her experiences.


Last but not least, Mrs. Gigi from Island Paradise Tour Philippines endorses Dong DMC Vietnam to everyone seeking a wonderful travel encounter in Vietnam. Dong DMC is the ideal option for tourists looking to make lifelong memories because of their dedication to providing excellent customer service, cultural immersion, and sustainable and responsible tourism.


Let Dong DMC Vietnam help you create unforgettable moments for your clients that they will treasure for a lifetime



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