Some experiences when traveling to Hoi An

Old Town Hoi An - World Cultural Heritage

Although it has undergone a period of prosperity and decline, the remaining vestiges of this old town are proof of the historical and cultural value of the old quarter. In addition to architectural works, this is also a place to store very diverse and rich background objects.

People's life as well as customs, practices, arts and folk festivals are also preserved and developed. Therefore, in 1998, Hoi An was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

With all those values, Hoi An is known as the city of titles such as: the most satisfied destination, 1 in 110 historical destinations in the world, the most attractive tourist city in the world. The most unique and attractive destination in the world, the most unique and attractive destination in Vietnam, the top 50 cities to visit once in a lifetime, the top 3 best tourist cities in the world, ... become a destination attractive tourism of the central region. in particular and the country in general that everyone wants to explore.

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Great time to travel to Hoi An

From February to August. This is said to be the most ideal time for those who want to discover all the beauty and interesting activities of this city. In particular, from February to April, the weather in early spring is cool, the sun is also mild and there is little rain. It is not the peak tourist season, so you are free to check in, and admire the scenery but the price of services is not too expensive.

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Experience worth trying

See lantern street

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Drop Flower garlands and coloured lanterns

Drop Flower garlands and coloured lanterns - a mysterious beauty characteristic of this talk. The lanterns with simple design but full of colors, patterns and designs are only priced at 0,5USD/piece. You can drop lanterns and attach wishes, peace and luck for your family.

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Sitting on a boat on Hoai River

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Join folk games

In the evening, when walking around the old town, stop at the beginning of Nguyen Thai Hoc street near the Bridge shop or Kazik park to immerse yourself in the fun atmosphere with folk games such as watching and singing hut songs, going to the bridge. bamboo, spinning wheel, kettle, …

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What to eat in Hoi An?

High floor dishes

It has the same appearance as banh chung but is tougher, with a dense, characteristic water. When eaten, it will be accompanied by raw vegetables, Vietnamese pancakes are similar to green vegetables.

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Promo noodle

At first glance, Quang noodles are similar to Cao Lau, but when you try them, you will find that the taste of these two dishes is completely different.

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White Rose - Dumplings, cauldron cakes

These are two types of cakes with almost the same ingredients and methods. However, the filling of the dumpling is made from meat and cat mushrooms, while the cauldron cake is from pounded shrimp mixed with spices and purple onions. Dumplings are round and cauldron cakes are like delicate white roses with tough, transparent shells. These two types of cakes are usually presented on a plate and served with fish sauce, creating an irresistible taste.

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Sweet soup Hoi An

Sweet soup here has a very unique flavor of Quang with many types such as made from corn and tapioca rice pudding, sweet lotus seed gruel, made from black sesame seeds, etc.

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*With the above sharing, wish you a great trip.

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