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Are you looking for a B2B travel partner in Vietnam & Southeast Asia?

Dong DMC is among the best travel company in Vietnam. We have head office in Ho CHi Minh City, other operational office all over southeast Asia and are partnered with other international tour operators. Our main customers are other international travel agencies who want to send their clients on an exciting trip through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand! You can trust us to make your vacation unforgettable.

With our expertise and knowledge of the area we will be able to create the perfect itinerary for you that fits your budget and schedule perfectly. Whether it’s a luxury cruise down Halong Bay or trekking up Mount Fansipan we can do it all! And if you need anything else just let us know – we’re here 24/7 to help with whatever you might need while traveling in Southeast Asia. Just ask! We love what we do so much that sometimes it feels like this was meant to be our life’s work - which is why every day when we wake up at 6am ready for another day of planning tours, designing itineraries, and helping people explore this beautiful part of the world – well…we wouldn't have it any other way! Come join us today on one of our amazing tours around Southeast Asia where together we can discover something truly special about this region that has been hidden from most travelers until now...and maybe even find ourselves along the way too :)

If you're looking for an amazing Vietnam destination management company, then look no further than Dong DMC! With years of experience and a passion for customer satisfaction, Dong DMC will take care of all your needs while in Vietnam & Southeast Asia.

Meet our team at sales missions, roadshows, travel Marts & Expos or simply drop us an email for cooperation.

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Explore Indochina: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

The journey across Indochine is a magical, spiritual experience--you see different cultures and landscapes. The type of transportation you use will depend on what your interests are at any given time; lake boats for exploration or river barges if speed matters more than scenery!


Indochina Route




To help our travel agent to sell our products, as well as our operation team to quote, book and operate the tour, we implement several tools, please check out below and contact us for other tools you may know



B2B Portal with real-time rates & inventory, allow agent partners to book online instant confirm, and still able to pay offline through the traditional methods #traveltech




The system connected is a must when we come to a strategic partnership which needs more on dynamic rates, products combination with live rate, more contracts which generates a lot of booking which is impossible for manual input. Partner with us to access our products live inventory, competitive rate, simply the best b2b rate because we are locals. #traveltech


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